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Destination In Myanmar


  • Bagan is the main tourist attraction in Myanmar and 500km away from north of Yangon.
  • It’s reach by flight 1:20 hr from Yangon, by road takes 15 hr and by river 9hr from Mandalay.
  • Bagan is founded at 10th century and today it’s become one of the richest archaeological sites in Asia.
  • It’s located on the eastern bank of the Ayeyarwaddy River.
  • Bagan is the first capital of Myanmar Empire and covers an area of 42 with 2231 well – preserved pagodas and temples of th 11th – 13th century.
  • Bagan is not only famous for the monuments but also can study the ways of people and some handcraft such as lacqueware.
  • Bagan is a highlight of any trip to Myanmar so, a minimum one night stay is essential to recover the main site such as Shwezigon, Ananada Temple Htilominlo Pagoda,Shwesandaw and etc..


  • Mt. Popa is said to be the core of an extinct volcano and 60 kilometers south-east of Bagan and it’s takes 1hr drive.
  • It ‘s situated on 1,500 meter- high and it is an extinct volcano.
  • Well-known as the oasis of the central Myanmar dry zone.
  • The Mt.Popa area has also been designated as a National Park, a perfect place for eco tourism.
  • Mt. Popa hosts two major “ nat pwe ", spirit festival, in the month of May / June and other in Nov / Dec as major pilgrimage destinations.


  • Salay is a small town which has rich of Myanmar culture and it’s about 15 km south of Bagan down the Aywyarwaddy River.
  • It is also on the great Ayeyawady River, like Bagan, another pleasurable way to get there is to go by one of the small motor boats available for hire and which usually leave Bagan from the Bu-Phaya jetty.
  • It is worth visiting for it's exceptional 18th century wood carving works at "Yoke Son" monastery.
  • The figures carved outside the front of the building are worth seeing.