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Destination In Myanmar


  • Located on the Rakhine Coast near Thandwe, Ngapali is one of the beautiful beach in Myanmar.
  • This unspoilt beach is 35 minutes flight from Yangon and by land it takes 14 hr to drive.
  • Myanmar’s best-known resort providing the visitor with un-spoilt white sand beaches fringed with coconut groves as far as the eye can see.
  • It serves as the best ground for sunbathing and recreation such as beach strolling cycling and so on.
  • Unlike today’s beaches of Asia, it is free of noisy beachside bars, crowed people and hawkers persuading you to buy their things.
  • There are only natural scenic beauty of the blue sea, white sand and the lovely sun.
  • The sea is cobalt blue, without any dangerous marine animals, clean and clear with gentle waves.
  • The area contains many small islands that can be visited on day trips from main center. Ngapali beach is a three km ribbon of white, soft as talc sand beach that stretches from the village of Ngapali to “ Gyeiktaw “.


  • With fine, beige sand backed by coconut palms trees Chaungtha beach lies 40 km west of Pathein.
  • It is about 5 hours drive from Yangon.
  • Visitors can add up Chaung Tha Beach before they wind up their trip to Myanmar. It saves both time and money.
  • Chaung Tha Beach is mostly travel by local visitor so it is recommended for the person who would like to enjoy the lively beach.


  • It is newly opened beach about 48 km from Pathein.
  • Ngwe Saung can be reached by car from the capital Yangon in approximately six hours.
  • The journey takes travelers on a partly bumpy and pot-holed road across the alluvial Ayeyarwaddy Delta region. As an alternative to road travel, it is now possible to travel from Yangon to the Pathein river by boat, a journey of approximately 16 hours overnight sail through picturesque scenery, passing homesteads and typical villages dotted along the riverbanks.
  • This unspoilt beach stretches 15 km of white sand and blue sea.There are newly constructed bungalows with local flavour but equipped with modern facilities.
  • With it’s sandy shore free of mud andclay, transparent and clean sea water, pretty islands nearby and rows of palm trees, is really an irresistible attraction for beach lovers.