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Destination In Myanmar


  • Yangon is the main gateway to Myanmar by air and sea.
  • Ever green and cool with lush tropical trees, shady parks with beautiful lakes, know as Garden city of East.
  • The pride of Yangon is the world famous Shwedagon Pagoda, the landmark of Myanmar.
  • The golden dome rises 98 meters above its base and is covered with 11 tons of pure gold.
  • The present day of Yangon, covers over 350 with 6 million population.
  • Almost all International Airlines services fly to Yangon International Airport.
  • So one-night stay in Yangon is recommended before visiting up-country and one night at the end of the trip.
  • And full or half a day of Yangon city sightseeing is advised- the highlight being, of course, the Shwedagon Pagoda, Chauk Htat Gyi reclining Buddha, Sule Pagoda, Botahtaung Pagoda and shopping trip to Boyoke (Scott) Market which is closed on Gazetted Holidays and every monday.


  • Bago lies 80 km (50 miles) north – east of Yangon.
  • It was an ancient capital of Mon Kingdom in 15th century and know as Hanthawaddy Kingdom under the Mon.
  • It is capital city of Bago division;
  • Bago by car on a newly up graded six lane high way, it takes about 1h30min drive to get Bago from Yangon and also reach by train.
  • Bago can do day’s trip. The most famous sites are Kyakhatwine monastery, Shwe tha lyaung Reclining Buddha which has 55m long, Shwemawdaw pagoda, 28 m high huge Buddha image of Kyaikpun, the Mon old Palace site(Kanbawzathadi Palace), Hinn Tha Gone Pagoda and Bago market.


  • The famous legendary Kyaikhtiyo pagoda is located in the small town called Kyaikhto, in the Mon State. The pagoda is also known as 'the golden rock'.
  • This destination is 160km away from Yangon and 4 hour drive.
  • The pagoda is situated on a rocky mountain 1100m (3615 ft) above sea-level.
  • Kyaikhtiyo pagoda is one of the most ancient and celebrated of all pagodas in Myanmar and said to have been built during the life-time of the Buddha over 2400 years.
  • It is a 11 km uphill climb for the hikers from Kinpun base camp to the rock, if we trek it takes 7 hrs walk or 1 hr drive up hill by open truck to Hermit hill. Again 45 minutes trek to reach the Golden Rock or the people who can not trek the palaquins are available.
  • The season of pilgrimage is from October to May.
  • 4 hrs drive from Yangon on the way to Mawlamyaing
  • 7 hrs trek or 1 hr drive up hill by open truck to Hermit hill
  • Again 45 minutes trek to reach the Rock


Mawlamyine, a charming town, is the capital of Mon State, situated at the mouth of the Thanlwin River. Located 28 miles from the sea , it is the third largest city in Myanmar. Visitors to Mawlamyine are simply enchanted at the scenic beauty and it's temperature climate. The atmosphere of post-colonial decay is still palpable here. A beautiful river trip from Pa-An can be done but not recommended because of the irregularity of boat schedule. 299 Km, 10 hours drive and 18 hours by train from Yangon. It can be done as an extension of the Kyaikhtiyo trip.


About 60 kilometers south of Mawlamyine, Thanbyuzayat is the counter part of river kui death railways of Thailand.


Located 175 miles from Yangon and is the only place for the tourists where you can get good accommodation on Yangon-Mandalay road. Taungoo (Kaytumadi City) was founded by King and later innovated by King Minye Kyawhtin.
It is one of the main gateways to Bogo Yoma and its teak forests in which you can see how elephants work. But the working site is not stable as it is moving around, so need to follow where they are. And the accommodation will be camping tents and sleeping bags on bamboo decks. Taungoo is only good as a stop over to avoid tedious (14 hours) drive between Yangon and Mandalay. However, if ones wish to visit Elephant camp call “ Thargara ', one night stay in Taungoo is recommended.

Pyay (Prome)

  • Pyay (Prome) is only 161 km north (5 hours drive) of Yangon situated on the eastern bank of the Ayeyarwady River on a lovely location.
  • Visitors can stop over in Pyay and travel on to Bagan and Mandalay.
  • Srikshetra (1-9 AD), the ancient Pyu capital about five miles to the east, is interesting place to visit because of their historical sites.
  • Interesting Places in Pyay are Shwesandaw Pagoda, Sehtetgyi Pagoda, Baw Baw Gyi Pagoda, Be Be Gyi Pagoda and Payama Pagoda.
  • There is another famous site which is 'Ahkauktaung' it is know for its curving on the cliff along the river.
  • Normally we do it as a stop over between long drive of Yangon and Bagan.